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Trying to sell your car ? Are you in desperate need for some cash? Dont sell yourself short by getting rid of your car cheaply when you can Pawn & Sell! Get  instant cash for your vehicle and still advertise it for sale. That way you can sort out your financial problems and get more for your vehicle by not rushing the sale. Once you have sold it you pay us back the loan and keep the rest!

“How do I pawn and sell my car ?”

Selling your vehicle privately is risky business. The risk is two fold – either the meeting location can put you at risk or the transfer of monies can be an issue. How many people do you have to meet until you find the right buyer to conclude your transaction? What do you do if this is an urgent sale and you need the cash urgently?

We offer Pawn and Sell. This great concept allows for your vehicle to be assessed by one of our experienced evaluators. A quick discussion will give you a realistic value that you could sell your vehicle for. We offer you up to 20% cash as an immediate advance on your sale instantly.

Your vehicle is locked in our safe storage facility and you have 30 days to bring your buyers to view the vehicle in the safety of our premises Monday – Saturday.

Once you find the right buyer, we will facilitate the financial transaction for you and make sure that monies are cleared to your account instantly – less our cash advance and interest.

We will also guide you on the necessary paperwork to ensuring that the change of ownership is done – failure to do this immediately, will result in a unpleasant experience the next time you try and renew a license disk!

We would encourage desperate sellers to consider this alternative – it’s safe, quick and convenient!

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