How to Get a Loan Against Your Vehicle

How to Get a Loan Against Your Vehicle

How to Get a Loan Against Your Vehicle

With a rapidly declining economy, South Africans face a tough road ahead financially. Taxes have been increased in 2018, not to mention higher inflation rates that also had an impact on the financial situation for any working class South African. As a result, a variety of businesses are offering financial solutions to deal with these challenges, one of which is Pawn My Car.

Due to the failing public transportation system in South Africa, the majority of the working class use personal vehicles to get them where they need to be. Pawn My Car offers a financial solution that allows you to get a loan against your personal vehicle, giving you the personal loan you need to get out of financial trouble, without having to deal with a plethora of prerequisites that you would face when going through a bank. Today, we will show you how to get a loan against your vehicle, which steps to take, and which documents are necessary to complete the deal, resulting in a viable financial solution for any proud vehicle owner in South Africa.

The initial process of how to get a loan against your vehicle entails the vehicle owner being available to sign off on the deal. The next step is to get the documentation in order, starting with a copy of the vehicle owner’s identification document. A copy of the vehicle’s registration document or licence disk is also required, along with a proof of residence from the owner that is no older than three months.

Should the vehicle be registered as a company-owned car, CIPRO documentation is needed to verify that the vehicle belongs to a company, along with company resolutions and a copy of the proxy’s identification document to get the gears turning on your deal. Once the documentation is in place, simply fill out our online form, or contact us directly to discuss the next step in the deal, leading to you delivering the vehicle to us for a complete inspection, along with all the necessary documentation.

Once the inspection is complete, we finalise the deal with you, immediately transfer the agreed upon amount to your bank account, and put the vehicle in our safe and secure storage facility. Now that you know how to get a loan against your personal vehicle, you can have the peace of mind that your daily driver can serve as financial security when you are in need of some money. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us directly for any further enquiries. Choose Pawn My Car today, and let us give you a viable financial solution.

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