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Need Instant Cash? Pawn Your Car & Drive A Free Courtesy Car

Why Use Us?

Loans From R5,000 & Up…

Do you need cash in a hurry? At Pawn My Car, you can get instant cash on your car, and even qualify for a free car rental to use while you’re paying back your loan. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

  • Same Day Cash Availability
  • No Credit Checks
  • Quick, Discreet & Professional Service
  • Custom Deals Ensure The Best Deal For You
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Guaranteed Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Available Nationwide

How It Works

  1. Request A Callback, or Call Us
    Fill out your details online and submit, or call us for instant help. Provide us with the details of your car as well as the amount you need to borrow.
  2. We Make An Instant Offer
  3. Vehicle Evaluation
    Take your car to one of our national Pawn My Car branches to be valued. Our team of professional evaluators with over 50 years of experience in the motor trade industry guarantees you the best value for your car. In some cases, one of our pawn brokers can also come to you to value your car.
  4. Complete The Paperwork
    Supply necessary documents and complete the final paperwork to pawn your car.
  5. Receive Your Cash Loan Instantly
  6. Loan R30,000 or more, and get a FREE RENTAL CAR to drive while you pay back your loan.

We Pawn All Assets On Wheels


We accept all kinds of motor vehicles – financed, non runners and code 3 cars.


We accept all kinds of motorised bikes as security on a short term loans.


We accept all commercial vehicles, horse and trailers.

Heavy Duty Equipment

We accept all heavy duty machinery ranging from industries such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing.


We accept any make or model trailer, commercial or personal.


We accept all types of boats, salt or fresh water. We can also assist with any water sport equipment provided there is valid paperwork.

Reasons To Pawn Your Car

Instant Cash

Pawn your car with Pawn My Car, and access cash instantly to use for urgent matters.

Blacklisted? No Problem

At Pawn My Car, we loan money to you based on using your car, vehicle or asset as collateral. Therefore unlike other financial institutions, there is no need to check your credit record.

No Lengthy Paperwork

It’s actually quite easy to pawn your car. All you will need to provide in most cases is your ID, proof of residency and proof of ownership.

Preserve Your Credit Score

When you pawn your car with Pawn My Car, the loan is not recorded with the credit bureau. So if you need to extend the loan or are unable to pay it back, and the pawnbroker ends up selling your car, you do not score negative points on your credit history.



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We Have Nationwide Availability Upon Application And Evaluation

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